2020 Schedule

  • Session A (January 20 - February 28)
  • Session B (March 09 - April 17)
  • Session C (April 27 - June 05)
  • Session D (June 15 - July 24)

Program Exit Exams (Tentative Schedule)

  • Reading / Writing Exams - Gr A (June 8)
  • Listening / Speaking Exams - Gr A (June 8)
  • Reading / Writing Exams - Gr B (July 27)
  • Listening / Speaking Exams - Gr B (July 27)


Conversant Material


To pass courses, you must earn at least 70% for your total course grade,  assignment average, and exam average.

Academic Honesty

The Nelson Center encourages honesty in every phase of learning and values transparency in the use of information from other writers.

Students enrolled in the various courses are expected to always do their own work, and when using information from other writers to credit them with proper citation and references.

Students who choose to copy material from other writers or students without proper citation, will receive a score of zero for a first offense. For the second offense, students will be dismissed from the program.

Students who wish to appeal the decision can do so by submitting a letter to the administration explaining their position.